Giuseppe Lucibello

SpecialityGeneral Director - INAIL

Giuseppe Lucibello is the General Director of INAIL (the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work). He was born on February 13, 1959, graduated in Law and qualified to practice as a lawyer. He represented the Ministry of Economy and Finance at the sector Coordinating Committee for the definition of guidelines on contractual matters, at the Permanent Finance Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the Ripam – Formez Interministerial Committee. He was a member of the Committee for Higher Education and Research for the overall redefinition of the national defense and security system, established by decree of the Minister of Defense of 22 January 1999, on behalf of the Minister of Economy and Finance. He participated in activities of various Interministerial Committees for the adoption of the numerous reforms of the Public Administrations, since the 90s.

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